Updated Wednesday November 12, 2014 by Spokane Valley Girls Softball Association.

Our website offers many great new features that we believe will improve your summer softball experience.  League officials now have ways to quickly notify players, coaches and parents about changes to league schedules caused by rainouts and other items.  We will be able to instantly send emails, texts and continue to update info on Facebook as well.

We are working on allowing each team to have access to it's own website that will list dates, times and locations of games.  Coaches and team administrators can post information to the page and upload photo's and keep track of team and player statistics if they so choose.  Coaches are able to input game scores which will immediately update the division standings.

This site allows our umpires to keep track of their schedules and allow our head of umpires to communicate with the umpires about any changes to fields or game assignments.

For our field crew they have more information about field assignments and ages and allow them to better prepare for the days events and to help easily transition games between fields and reassignments caused by rainouts.

All in all we are very pleased with our website and all the features that come with it.  We hope you are too!