6U End of Season Skill Set

Updated Tuesday March 25, 2014 by Spokane Valley Girls Softball Association.

At the end of the season, a 6U player should be proficient at the following skills and understanding:



            * Holds bat correctly - knocking knuckles, inverted V, bat off shoulder

            * Has correct batting stance - feet toward plate, knees bent, bat off                                shoulder.

            * Dropping bat after hitting the ball


Base Running:

            *How to get out of the box after hitting ball

            * Running through 1st base

            * Making sure to touch bags on bases



            * Mechanics of throwing the ball

            * Difference between a throw & a toss

            * Ability to throw 25' with some accuracy



            * Glove position - above the belt & below the belt

            * Two handed catch

            * Ready position


Game Knowledge:

            * Know where the bases are

            * Know "outs"

            * Know catchers equipment by name