10U End of Season Skill Set

Updated Tuesday March 25, 2014 by Spokane Valley Girls Softball Association.

At the end of the season, a 10U player should be proficient at the following skills and understanding:



            * Quality Swings

                * Better Hits

               - Hitting out of the infield

            * Batting Stance

               - Player can reposition after swinging and/or hitting the ball

               - Player can adjust self in the batter's box for high & low pitches

            * Knowing where to hit the ball/Intro to directional

               - Knowing where to hit the ball with runners on base

               - Knowing how to hit toward left or right side of field


Base Running:

            *Intro to sliding

               - Give coaches drills for sliding

            * Know when to run, how to tag up, & forced advanced

               - Pop fly

               - Explain forced run or not a forced run

            * Run through 1st Base

               - No slow down until after bag

            * Multi Base Running

            *Know Signals from 1st Base Coach

               - Run through

               - Turn & look

               - Go on to 2nd Base

               - Where to pick up signals from 3rd Base Coach

            * When to leave base

               - Leave base when ball is released by the pitcher

               - Do not lead off



            * Mechanics of throwing

            * Infield throw vs outfield throw

            * Transfer of ball from mitt to throwing

            * Crow Hop

10U Benchmarks Continued


Throwing (continued):


            * Begin to understand cutoffs

               - Who covers the cutoff point & where to throw the ball

                * Throw ball accurately 60' (can bounce or be rainbow)



            * Glove Position

               - Above & below the belt

            * Down & Ready Position

            * Hustle to the ball

               - set up under fly ball & catch

            * Two Handed Catch in the box

            * Play Hop

               - Knowing when to charge the ball

            * Intro to Back Handed Catch

            * How to catch Line Drives

            * Grounders

               - 5 Step Program

                        1. Glove foot forward

                        2. Knees bent

                        3. Glove hand out

                        4. Glove hand extended

                        5. Head up

            * Drop Step


Catcher Position:

            * Catcher to know how to block the ball

            * Catcher to know where to stand to make plays at home plate

            * Mitt Position

               - Turning the glove

               - How to get down to make the catch

            * Catcher to call balls, strikes, outs, & where to make the play

            * Drop Step




Game Knowledge:

            * Know Defensive Positions

               - Every player to know where to stand for each position

            * Communication on the field

                - Catcher to call balls, strikes, outs, & where to make the play

                - Short Stop to make calls to outfielders

            * Team to encourage each other while on Defense