12U End of Season Skill Set

Updated Tuesday March 25, 2014 by Spokane Valley Girls Softball Association.

At the end of the season, a 12U player should be proficient at the following skills and understanding:



            * Master batting stance

            * Master batting grip

            * Intro to Bunting

            * Intro to Slap Hitting

            * Stepping out of Batter's Box

            * Looking to Coaches for Signals

            * How to hit inside/outside pitches


Base Running:

            * Master Stealing

            * Master Sliding

            * How & when to Tag Up

            * How  & when to advance on "passed ball"

            * How to Lead Off

                - Must be on base until after ball leaves pitchers hand



            * Accurate throwing at 60'

                - No Rainbows and only 1 hop

            * Throwing accurate to target

                - Placing the ball on the correct side of body

            * Master Crow Hop

            * Throwing ahead of base runner

            * Knowing "Pickle"

                - Who backs up catcher and baseman


Catcher's Position:

            * Squeeze the ball

            * Mask off for Pop Ups at home plate

            * Catcher to know how to block the ball

            * Catcher to know where to stand to make plays at home plate

            * Master Mitt Position

            * Throw downs to any base

            * Coverage for bunts

            * Catcher to call balls, strikes, outs, & where to make the play

            * Master Drop Step

            * Knowing "Pickle"

                - when to throw

                - who is backing up

                - when to tag out or run back to base


Pitching Position:

            * Coverage

               - Backs up catcher or 3rd base

            * Look back Rule

            * Bunt Coverage

            * Priority position for Pop Ups

            * Coverage & Back up for Outfield hit

            * Coverage at Home on Passed Ball

                - Communicate to catcher where the ball is behind her

            * Modified Fast Pitch is fine

               - Not full windmill pitch

            * Four Innings maximum pitch

                - Can be split any way

            * Where to get additional training

            * Practice, practice, practice


Game Knowledge:

            * Know Defensive Positions

               - Every player to know where to stand for each position         

               - Everyone knows who & when to back up when ball is hit

               - Everyone is moving when ball is hit

            * Communication on the field

                 - Catcher to call balls, strikes, outs, & where to make the play

                - Short Stop to make calls to outfielders

                - Know where the cut off players are

                - Call out where to make the play when ball is hit

            * Team to encourage each other while on Defense

            * Infield Fly Rule

            * No dropped ball on 3rd strike

            * Know when the ball is in time out

            * Know when to hold the ball

            * Know when to throw the ball back to pitcher to hold runners

            * Fielders need to know where the ball is going when it comes off bat

               - Reading the batter

               - Know back up coverage at all bases

               - Know where the base runners are & where to throw to make the play

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